Friday, September 26, 2008

Viva Las Vegas Recap

Ignore the Audio problem for the first 30 seconds.. it works out fine after that!!! We talk about all the fun we had in Vegas and chat with our Viewers about Dani's Anger issued.

Casinos We Loved

We talk about all the Casinos we visited and how much we liked them.

Why I'm Pissed at Work

Talking about why I'm pissed off at work and why people quit... then... someone farts in the microphone.

Questions & Answers...

We answer questions and give advice.. then... interruptions.

Dani Kicks My Ass...

Attacked by my wife, live on the show. She beat me down. Then I show off my paintings.

Getting Chonged & Magic Tricks

I chong my wife... then I show off my new magic trick for all the viewers.

Politics & Who would you talk to...

I talk a bit of politics with our viewers... then we answer the question: Who in history would you like to talk to?